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Mystery Writer

James Patterson

In his role as Mystery Writer, James Patterson uses his unique storytelling style to weave intricate and suspenseful mysteries that captivate audiences around the world.

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Romance Stories

Danielle Steel

Romance Stories is responsible for creating captivating and emotionally compelling narratives that resonate with our audience.

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Christian Writer/Counselor

Jeannie Allen

She is a Christian teacher extraordinaire and has a Bachelor's degree. She has a unique way of making the reader understand what it means to become a Christian. She teaches usinng books, podcasts, and in person to people who desire to follow God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

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Fox News Host

Jesse Waters

His latest book gives examples of why our world is changing. All of the residents of our planet have different values concerning right and wrong, and it has created extensivee chaos in our culture.

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Political TV Host and Writer

Mark Levin

He is a TV host for Fox News. He is a very wise man who works hard to keep up with the times and political happenings going on.

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PM of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu

He is extrmely intelligent as show in his writing of the book BiBi that he inherited from his parents. He is particularly proud of what his family, including his brother, that has worked for the State of Israel.

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Pastor & Christian Writer

Joel Osteen

The is a kid of a pastor who was very successful but has died. Joel did not want to become a pastor to replace his father but feels as if he was forced into it. He is the past of Lakewood church in Houston and has 45000-50000 members. He has a very simplistic style of preaching that appeals to everyone.

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Christian Writer

Nicholas Sparks

In the position of Nicholas Sparks, Christian Writer focuses on creating emotionally impactful and heartfelt storytelling that resonates with the target audience.

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FLUFFY - This book is being written about the experiences shared between the author and her dog Fluffy when she was a child. The goal of the book is to point out how good it is to own a pet. It teaches the child to be responsible for them by making sure the pet is always safe and fed well. A child can gain insight into their own behavior whether it is unruly or considered to be judged as good, mannerly behavior.

25 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS - This Christmas book is based very loosely on the author's family. The happiest time of the year for the author and her extended family is/was Christmas. Life got better as the years passed; happy marriages were joined and more children were born. The story is told by the grandfather who passed away and is sitting on a cloud in heaven with his wife who is sitting by him. She is offering random remarks off and on to add to the story.