Biden vs Trump

BIDEN:  Clumsy, appears to have Dementia or something that affects his cognitive ability; falls a lot; has lot of gaffs when speaking in public;  appears to be trying to please the liberal crowd; allows open borders where illegal immigrants, bad guys, and Fentanyl drugs enter America easily.  He is trying to take us off fossil fuel energy and pushing solar energy without being properly prepared to do so.  He tells interesting but suspicious sounding stories as to whether they are true or simply made up.

TRUMP  He is getting older but still agile; in first four years, he tried to build a border fence to keep illegal immigrants and bad guys out, Democrats have torn down most of fence; in favor of  legal immigration.  He does not appear to have any dementia and can speak for long periods of time without notes.  He has an abundance of common sense.  While in office the first time, he made us energy independent.  Now, once again, we have to buy oil from other countries.   He does not tell us stories but describes facts.  

Enough said!  Who should be elected the next President of the United States?